Products & Services

At Flybridge
we take pride in the work we do and what we offer our clients.
Here are a few products & services we offer.

Embedded Finance

Various financial services offered within our open banking composable architecture

B2B Virtual Account Payments

Cost effective and transparent closed loop A2A payments

Cash and Treasury Management Solutions

CFO solution with data driven guidance on areas of process and liquidity improvement, capital optimization for better control, decision making and financial results

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Automation

Optimizing back office accounting functions with AR/AP process and payments automation.

Banking as-a Service

Providing unique banking solutions through our API driven composable architecture

IoT Solutions

Automous payment solutions that connects software to hardware – online to offline

Web 3.0 Solutions

Utilizing blockchain technology to drive and support decentralization and token based economics and solutions.


Automating business processes using innovative AI solutions